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Celebrating my 4th Blogiversary with You!

4 Years! WoW!

I had a Wonderful Year. I'm still Pressing Forward!

Thank You all so Much for keeping me uplifted and encouraged. 

So much has happened! I don't even know where to start. 

My Rootstech Journey!

What a learning experience! All that information in one place for 5 days went way to fast! 

My Induction Ceremony into the DAR was wonderful. All the work was well worth it. My highlight of the year. July 5th, 2016.

I got to spend time in Pa and visit Dauphin County Historical Society and met Mr. Frew and Mr. Calobe Jackson, Jr.

Visiting the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pa.

I attended MAAGI this year and had a Wonderful time learning at the Institute. I also got to visit the Allen County Public Library all this was on my Bucket List. 

I do know that I will continue to have growth. I'm challenging myself to writing more intricate pieces on research. 

I want to write more on how I have solved so many challenges in Genealogy with my personal research.  

I appreciate all of you that come by and visit and make comments. 

Thank You! to All for Celebrating 
4 Years! with My True Roots! 

Best Regards! 

How did I miss the 1 Slave in My Patriots Household ? Could it be True?

I have so much research to do. I spent 3 years searching and documenting my Patriot! Somehow this got overlooked. No one said a Word. How did I miss this as much as I have studied and researched him. 

There are way over 9,000 Ancestry Trees that have him researched and close to as many who have this Document attached to Nicholaus Barrick and no one is talking about it or has any notes regarding this. 

 Now I'm on a Quest to find out if this is True or False and who this Person is! 

Ivory Road & Feagin Mill Road - Kathleen Georgia

. Abe Iverys' Land.  

5th Child

Son of Ike Ivery & Mary Haynes

My True Roots.
Houston County, Georgia - Kathleen. 

Uncle Abe had a Dispute with the County of Houston over his 100 acres.

I have to look for all the Court Records and Newspaper articles on this Lawsuit. This road was named after my Family. 

Feagin Mill Road has a long history from Georgia to Alabama. 

I also visited SocietyPerry Historical Society and Houston Home Journal. They still have the original presses. 

Google Map @2016. 

Me at Uncle Abe Ivery's House

Uncle Abe is Grandma Eddie L. Ivery Lewis's  Baby Brother

Me & Cousin Ruthie at Uncle Abe's Grave. Tharpe Cemetery
Located inside Hatcher Estates Subdivision

My True Roots Village. Family. Sweet Home Alabama.

This is just an example of why My True Roots isn't alone in her work here at her Blog. It takes a family like mine that helps me to give you these Stories and Photos. 

Like my Cousin James

Aunt Ossie mentioned in this letter is Granddaddy Ike's Daughter. James's mother is Granddaddy Ike's Daughter as well. James is his grandson. 

This Painting was also used in our

Our Family Documentary 

Many Thanks to Cousin James and Mr. Richardson for this awesome piece of art he did on on our Ancestral hometown.

I'm always so grateful. I just wanted you to see a glimpse into why I have so much love for what I do. 

My Family.....

They are what keeps My True Roots going. 

Enjoy Sweet Home Alabama. Bullock County. Midway.

Genealogical Sketch

National Museum of African American History & Culture - No Denial: The Truth Is on Display.

The Day has has finally Come!

My Truth. My History. My People. My Life. My Journey is on Display for the World to see.

My Truth. My History. My People. My Life.  My Journey is Your TRUTH. Your HISTORY. Your PEOPLE. Your JOURNEY.

These United States of America!

This is ALL of our DAY!

100 years later.

The World is Watching US!

This Little Light, We are gonna Let it Shine. Let it Shine. Let it Shine!

Time Brings about a Change.

This will be a Journey to the New World we need to Pursue.

A Time where everyone can see - feel - hear - and touch our History & Culture.

A Journey into time to present day what our Life's Journey has been in this Country.

When no book I could find as a child could teach me. Or show me who I was. I was lucky if People of Color got a mention in my History books. 

I only learned in my Home. I only seen 2 Black Teachers in all my Education in the same school District from Kindergarten to High School. It took till I was an adult to comprehend and learn on my own the History of my People

My True Roots
My True Roots Memories 

My People were brought here to America as Slaves. Brought to the State of Alabama from the Carolinas. In 1865, My 4th Great Grandparents William & Minta Ivey were married legally after being together for 15 years and 6 children later. They had children that were born on the soil in Alabama. 8 Generations later that I have documented and researched. Not counting the many that are lost through Slavery. 

 My folks were a Mighty People of resilience. Now the World gets to see it in all it's Glory

 Now you can get taught the true meaning of our Contributions and how this Country was built by People of Color and how we have true meaning as Contributors to a Free Society.

There will be no more excuses. You can see it for your own eyes. If you didn't know. Now you KNOW! 

I'm so Proud of my History & Culture. This is a personal Investment for future Generations. They have a place to commune and celebrate their Heritage. 

This will be part of the Healing & Reconciliation this Country so desperately needs. 

I can't even fully express my Pride & Joy! I can't wait to Visit this Summer. 

I can't wait to experience the Museum with my Children's Children's Children's. 

Your History has A Place. A Home....

September 24th, 2016. President Barack H. Obama will Dedicate the Opening Ceremonies to the National Museum of African American History & Culture to the World.

Our History & Culture will Speak To this Country's Truth through this Museum. It will SPEAK from it's Walls about our Truths with a walk on a Journey that can UNITE us All.

"Everybody can be Great...because anybody can Serve. 

You don't have to have a college degree to Serve. 

You don't have to make your Subject and Verb agree to Serve. 

You only need a Heart Full of GRACE
A Soul generated by LOVE

by Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Walk with Me...

This is A Peoples Journey.

Lift Every Voice and Sing - National Black Anthem

Best Regards - Enjoy the Museum!

Enjoy your History!

National Museum of African American History & Culture